Wolverine Has a Price on His Head, Legs, Arms and Other Bits - Hunt For Wolverine #1 Preview

Wolverine Has a Price on His Head, Legs, Arms and Other Bits – Hunt For Wolverine #1 Preview

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How much will you pay for a holy relic of Wolverine?

This rather reminds me of Alien Bodies, the Doctor Who novel by Lawrence Miles which is really rather good. It features the Death of the Doctor, in which many alien bodies, groups and races are in competition, bidding for his body. The dead body of a Time Lord – this time Lord in particular – being incredibly valuable. Steven Moffat would give mention of this in the TV show in a throwaway comment justifying burning the body of the Doctor, Viking style before revealing it to be a Tesseract dupe…

There was a lot going on like that, during that season.

But I couldn’t help be reminded of that in the preview to tomorrow’s Hunt For Wolverine #1, kicking off a bunch of series telling the story of Wolverine’s return to life from a variety of perspectives, groups and agendas. With the Reavers, a team Wolverine first fought when his healing factor was failing and his death was imminent. And who were also used in the recent Logan movie as his pursuers.

And who have determined that Wolverine’s body… is valuable. Which reek of comic book collectors who have now come to collect Logan. To be fair, it has been a useful source for so many clones in the past. Of course getting inside the Wolverine shell will be interesting.

(W) Charles Soule (A) David Marquez, Paulo Siqueira (CA) Steve McNiven
The RETURN OF WOLVERINE begins here, providing the first piece of a mystery that will leave no corner of the Marvel Universe untouched. Just as the X-Men have finally come to terms with Logan’s death, they learn a terrible secret. Old wounds will be re-opened, truths questioned, and an epic quest begun. The earliest clues to the mystery of Wolverine’s return are laid down here… who will solve it first? Rated T+ In Shops: Apr 25, 2018 SRP: $5.99

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