What If Your Comic Was Turned Into a TV Show and No One Told You? Adi Granov and Metal Hurlant...

What If Your Comic Was Turned Into a TV Show and No One Told You? Adi Granov and Metal Hurlant…

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Comic book creator Adi Granov has posted on Facebook (reprinted here with his permission) about a recent experience of his.

I found out something both interesting and troubling over the weekend. Back in 2002 I did a comic story for Humanoids Publishing with Alejandro Jodorowsky. I was being interviewed on Saturday in Italy and the journalist asked me what I thought about the TV show episode based on my work. I had no idea what he was talking about so I googled it. Sure enough they did a TV show in 2012 called Metal Hurlant Chronicles and one of the episodes is based on the work I did. It was also advertised using my name, I am credited as a creator and IMDB lists me, wrongly, as a co-writer.

It would’ve been nice if someone at some point though to let me know…

It’s true. The comic was published in Metal Hurlant #10… here are a few pages.

And was made into an episode of the first season of Metal Hurlant Chronicles. Here’s a trailer from when it aired on Syfy.

…and here’s the whole damn thing.


Complete with credit to Adi Granov.

And, courtesy of Bleeding Cool, this is the first time he’s seen it. And he only just found out it existed.

Comic book publishers? Tell your creators when you turn their comics into TV shows or movies. It’s only right.

I asked Adi if he knows if he might have gotten royalties somewhere along the line, He told me,

Haha! No. I never got a penny of royalties for the printed edition either. They completely shunned me after I got that story done, until Iron Man, and have since made attempts to get me to do work for them, but I guess never thought to let me know about the TV show.

It might be an interesting conversation next time they get in touch.

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