Skydance Interactive Announces Archangel: Hellfire with New Trailer

Skydance Interactive Announces Archangel: Hellfire with New Trailer

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Today, Skydance Interactive charged out of the game with a brand-new VR game debut with Archangel: Hellfire, which is currently set to be released on Steam’s Early Access for May 25th followed by a worldwide release on June 28th for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The game is going to be free for players who already own Archangel, using the same kind of skills and storyline you knew from the game only now in a VR experience. Those who haven’t checked out the game and wish to get in on the action, the company has made Team Deathmatch free for a limited time to everyone, along with new mechs, abilities and PvP maps. Here’s a brief quote about the game below.

credit//Skydance Interactive

“Archangel: Hellfire will deliver the most intense and immersive multiplayer mech combat that players have ever experienced,” said Peter Akemann, President of Skydance Interactive. “The team is working hard to bring the player-versus-player off-rails combat that fans have been asking for, and really embody that fantasy of piloting a giant building-sized mech. And with the free team PvP multiplayer experience, all VR gamers will soon have a chance to hop into the cockpit and prove their mettle.”

The VR experience of the game looks incredible, but keep in mind that this is a trailer and we won’t know how well the VR experience works out until we’re diving into the Early Access in May. For now, enjoy the visual goodness.

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