Platinum Games Wants Wonderful 101 on the Nintendo Switch

Platinum Games Wants Wonderful 101 on the Nintendo Switch

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Platinum Games has publically made a case for the Wonderful 101 to appear on the Nintendo Switch.

The Wonderful 101 was a weird title. Coming from Platinum Games, it’s not like most of the developer’s output. The studio is known for some stunning third-person action experiences, from Vanquish to Bayonetta, it’s a genre Platinum has a strong grasp on. Wonderful 101 was different. An isometric action-adventure that had you controlling a whole host of superhero characters at once, not many people knew quite what to make of it and it didn’t do so well when it released on the Wii U.

Well, the developer wants to give the game another shot. While the Wii U struggled in sales, the Nintendo Switch hasn’t, so it would make sense to try and put it on a surging platform to try and give it a second lease on life. Speaking at Reboot Develop, Platinum’s Hideki Kamiya took to the stage to float the idea publically. Via Eurogamer, director Kamiya said:

We’re going to knock the audience participation up a bit. They’re still trying to negotiate with Nintendo whether a possible Wonderful 101 Switch release could happen but it always helps when the people in the audience at Reboot clap if they’d actually buy a Switch version of Wonderful 101. So anybody who would buy that, please clap…

Then there was clapping.

It’s not clear if this port is going to be happening or not, but it certainly means something that Kamiya is floating the idea in a public forum. It’s bound to show Nintendo what the desire for the port is and might make or break if it goes forward or not. We will have to wait and see if it worked.

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