Night Trap is Coming to Nintendo Switch Later This Summer

Night Trap is Coming to Nintendo Switch Later This Summer

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Developer Screaming Visions has announced that it is bringing the 90s FMV game Night Trap to the Nintendo Switch.

Night Trap

Night Trap has become so much more than the game itself at this point. When you boil it down, playing it is utterly awful with you needing to be impossibly quick to catch bad guys sneaking through a house. There is a whole mini-movie that happens in the game, but your margin for error is so small, you won’t ever have any time to watch any of it. However, it blew up as part of video game history when it came under fire from the US Congress for extreme violence and sexuality. It is, of course, none of these things, but it put the game on a pedestal now by a community who like trashy nostalgic entertainment.

Well, soon you will be able to take that experience on the go. Screaming Visions has announced that coming this summer, the game will land on Nintendo Switch. Originally on the SEGA CD, now you can go about saving teens on your commute to work. There is no specific date as to when it will land beyond the Summer date or any the pricing, so you will have to wait on that.

This is bound to be based on the 25th-anniversary edition that came to PS4 and PC last year, which comes with the game, but also a whole host of other features and mini-docs about how the title was made and its lasting impact. As I said, it’s a pretty terrible game, but as a museum piece for the annals of video game history, it’ll be a fun little thing to own.

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