Main Street Marketing on a Shoestring Budget at Diamond Summit 2018 (VIDEO)

Posted by April 21, 2018 Comment

Are you a comic book retailer who wished they could have gone to the Diamond Summit in Chicago but just couldn’t make it? And I don’t mean just for all the swag but for the retailer workshops?

Well, Diamond Comic Distributors filmed some of them. And uploaded them to YouTube. Not that many viewers yet, but that’s what Bleeding Cool is for.

I’m also a big fan of advertising on very low budgets. Things can get a lot more creative this way. That’s why Main Street Marketing on a Shoestring Budget caught my eye…

Not every business has tens of thousands of dollars to spend on advertising. If you have a limited budget, join Speaker, Author, & Retail Educator Phil Wrzesinski to learn seven proven techniques for getting traffic through your door at minimal or no cost to you.

Sadly he didn’t include creating elaborate Mousetrap-style apparatus to fling customers into your store,. Maybe that might have been a little too expensive.

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