Xbox Insiders Getting a Preview of the May Update Now

Xbox Insiders Getting a Preview of the May Update Now

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People who are currently signed up for the Xbox Insiders program are getting a taste of the next update coming to the Xbox One in May, and a lot of what they’re adding is more along the lines of service updates and upgrades. We’ve posted a couple of our favorites below that you might find interesting from their official update post, but the short version is that the company has added 120Hz support, improvements to the accessories app, the ability to trim clips from games, an enhanced set of family settings, the ability to group your games and apps together how you see fit, and adding intuitive button commands for the controllers. No official date was given for when they’ll be implemented, only that it will be before E3.


120Hz Comes to Consoles

In April, we added variable refresh rate, 1440p resolution support, and auto low latency mode. But we aren’t done just yet. In May, we’re adding support for additional panel refresh rates. Gamers with gaming monitors and televisions that support a 120Hz refresh rate can now turn on 120Hz support for 1080p and 1440p output resolutions. This high refresh rate option means you can now take full advantage of displays with 120Hz capabilities.

Intuitive Button Commands

We’re also making changes to some of the button commands throughout the dashboard. For example, you can now use the View button on Home to edit the order of blocks or reorder items within Groups.  Pressing the “View” button on the main tab of the Guide will also now display additional capture options. If you group your collections in My games and apps by letter, you will now need to select a letter to view all groups.

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