Overwatch's New Rialto Map is Currently Live on the PTR

Overwatch’s New Rialto Map is Currently Live on the PTR

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Blizzard has put Overwatch‘s newest map Rialto live on the Public Test Realms.


Overwatch is currently going through its archive event, centred around the Retribution mission. If you’ve not yet played it (and you should, it’s good fun), it tells the story of Blackwatch and how the group really messed up a lot of political support for Overwatch. It’s a nice little bit of world-building, taking place the rather lovely Italian streets of Venice. It’s a pretty lovely and dense little map, perfect for tearing apart those Talon soldiers.

Well, soon, it will be perfect for tearing apart other players. The map is getting retrofitted into a PvP map soon, and right now, you can check it out if you play on PC. Rialto is now live on the PTR, meaning players can run in and try it out. It’s an escort map and will surely be rife for environmental kills through the narrow streets and canals. Also, just to add some nice new spice, the map now takes place in the day, whereas it is a nighttime map during Retribution.

It’s not clear when the map will make its way to live servers as no date has been announced quite yet. That said, maps like Blizzard World and Oasis certainly took a while. While characters and patches usually take around a week of testing, the maps can take anywhere from one to two months, so get a little comfy. We will be sure to let you know once we know when the map is coming.

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