Masters of the Universe Collector's Choice Stridor Revealed by Super7

Masters of the Universe Collector’s Choice Stridor Revealed by Super7

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The Masters of the Universe Collector’s Choice series from Super7 continues this summer, as they revealed Man-At-Arms warhorse Stridor! Stridor looks to be a pretty hefty figure (and he would have to be to carry Fisto- he is not as small as he looks!) and features multiple points of articulation along with removable pieces, including the mask. The figure will run you $60 and will go up for order next Wednesday, April 25 and run until May 16.

The Masters of the Universe Collector’s Choice line continues with Stridor! By popular demand, Man-At-Arms’ cybornetic creation, the Heroic Armored Warhorse that carried the mighty Fisto into battle is finally coming to life! Now is your chance to tame the mighty steed before he gallops off forever.

  • Stridor measures approximately 10-inches tall with multiple points of articulation.
  • Price: $60 per figure
  • Pre-sale starts on Wednesday – April 25th, 12noon PST and will be open until Wednesday – May 16th
  • Images shown are of the production figure and packaging.
  • Figures will begin shipping on Monday – July 23rd, which is the Monday after Team Super7 returns from San Diego Comic-Con!

The Stridor pre-sale store link will be posted next Wednesday.

From Wiki Grayskull (for those of you not familiar)

Stridor is a robotic horse that serves as a steed for the Heroic Warriors.

In the minicomic The Clash of Arms, Stridor carries Fisto to scout the borders. When Fisto is captured by the Evil Warriorsand forced to fight in the Circle of Doom for his life, Stridor brings He-Man to the Circle of Doom, saving Fisto from Whiplash.

Stridor also appears in the episode “Origin of the Sorceress” in the original animated series. While initially built by Man-At-Arms as a robotic transporter, the steed ultimately becomes sentient by the end of the episode, and is therefore granted freedom off in the wilderness.”

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