Is SNK Teasing a Mini Neo Geo Console for Their 40th Anniversary?

Is SNK Teasing a Mini Neo Geo Console for Their 40th Anniversary?

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It looks like SNK is going to be getting in on the entire Mini Console War, if that’s what we’re dubbing this now that there’s so many hitting the market these days, by teasing their own version being on the way. The company sent out this tweet today, which translates to this:

This year, SNK brand celebrates 40th anniversary. A new game machine that contains popular titles of NEOGEO will emerge, expressing gratitude to all fans who support SNK’s works such as “KOF” “Legend of Fat Wolf” “Samsupi” “Metasura” ! Please stay tuned. The Future is Now!

It’s pretty clear that SNK isn’t going to be making some rival console like Atari are to the PS4, Switch, or Xbox One, so it’s pretty clear we’re getting a classic mini console in some form. And with the inclusion of Neo Geo titles added to the list, and the way the curtain kinda bulges out at the bottom to reveal what could possibly be a flat arcade stick, our guess is that it might just be a Mini Neo Geo console from 1990. Its kind of cool the company will be doing this, but the announcement is so early that we won’t know if it will just be a Japanese release or if there are plans for the west. We’ll just have to wait for the company to make an announcement for more details, which might actually happen at E3.

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