Punching Nazis on the Go is the Best Selling Point for Wolfenstein II on Switch

18Like many Switch ports, the game will include motion controls, though I suspect they'll be limited much the way Doom's were.

As is the best sales pitch for porting any game onto the Switch– it all comes down to portability. You can now punch Nazis on the go. And who doesn't need that?

As always, playing in handheld mode for a shooter on the hybrid console is a bit strange, as your hands are a good six inches apart with the screen in the middle. That's not the most comfortable position for your hands, then again, neither is using the Joy-Cons. The Nintendo Pro controller or setting the Joy-Cons into the controller dock is your best bet for a traditional shooter feel, but you can get away with playing the game on handheld. Especially if you're willing to take a slight hit to your game performance.

Bethesda's switch ports so far have been an enjoyable experiment in playing with the console as well as its roster of games. Doom and Wolfenstein are unique to the Switch specifically because they don't seem to fit Nintendo's sanitized image. Nor do Dark Souls and Skyrim, for that matter.

Of course, the Switch edition will have some drawbacks – like no real multiplayer at all – but I'd argue the portability is worth it. Then again, I'm still kind of in love with the ability to take AAA console games with me when I travel, so feel free to disagree with me on this one.

However, if you're a veteran Wolfenstein II player wondering what the hold up is on the game's DLC expansions, well. Blame the Switch port for that. Bethesda and Machine Games are working on the Switch port to get it ready for launch instead of the DLCs.

Wolfenstein II will launch on the Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

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