Peggle is Currently Free on Origins For PC

PopCap’s puzzle game Peggle is currently free on Origin for PC for the foreseeable future.


There have been a lot of free games flying around lately. From various Humble to the regular PS Plus and Games with Gold, in the last few weeks alone, you could have gathered a fairly nice little library of games for absolutely nothing. It’s a tactic more publishers are using to get players into their ecosystems, which is a small price to play for a player for the most part.

Well, if you want to fill out your library with one of the cult favorites, EA has you covered on that front. The publisher is currently giving away PopCap’s casual puzzle game Peggle. While it’s not one of EA’s biggest properties, the game has a very passionate following and for good reason. It’s a great little execution of a tried and tested genre and now you have no reason not to check it out. All you need to do to get it is sign into Origins on PC and then head over here. Just claim the game and it’s yours to keep forever.

You should go run and pick up that up while you can. There is no end date attached to the announcement but in the past, these offers have lasted around a month. Perhaps it could be longer, but hey, why chance it? Go pick it up now to make sure.