Maybe... There Are Three Poison Ivys as Well at DC Comics? It's The Only Way

Maybe… There Are Three Poison Ivys as Well at DC Comics? It’s The Only Way

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Bleeding Cool has been most bemused in recent months to point out that no one at DC Comics seems to have a handle on how the character of Poison Ivy is to be handled in their ongoing shared universe comic books. A ridiculously popular character amongst the fan community, only beaten in DC cosplay by Harley Quinn, she has a devoted fanbase. Who, basically, get a totally different character whenever they pick up a comic. And DC editorial scrambling to suggest a reading order that doesn’t bear scrutiny.

So today’s Damage #4 features a Poison Ivy gone rogue.

Strangling humans…

Describing them as murderers for eating plants…

After all the plants are her friends and they must not be harmed. If anyone was in doubt, this is editorially mandated to be before the Everyone Loves Ivy storyline in Batman.

See. In which Poison Ivy possessed everyone to save humanity with love. Rather than see it destroyed.

What happened? And during this story, with Batman and Catwoman immune… they go for a burger. At Batburger.

And point out later what they ate, What everyone she is controlling is eating.

Controlling them through eating plants. But with Ivy being exonerated from the belief that she killed a bunch of hoodlums back in the day…

Batman is able to assure her…

But what about the people she is dealing with in her chronologically previous story in Damage? Despite all her talk is she secretly not killing anyone?

Well, coming up in June…

(W) Robert Venditti (A) Diogenes Neves (CA) Tony S. Daniel, Danny Miki
Poison Ivy has been transforming the countryside and turning humans into plant food, but not to create a perfect ecological system for her beloved greenery. Rather, it’s a brand-new home for Gorilla Grodd and his army of apes!

Turning humans into plant food. Last week’s Batgirl & The Birds Of Prey saw her help save the day…

In which we are told,

She is into hero mode. So what happened between last week and this week to turn her so psycho? Especially as in Batgirl & The Birds Of Prey, set previous to Damage and Batman, she had a very different attitude to plants on display… at the very same Batburger.

Continuity, it’ll kill you in the end. How about resigning yourself to this?

Or… or… since Joker is supposed to have three different versions of him out there….

…maybe that could hold true for Ivy as well?

(W) Robert Venditti (A) Cary Nord (CA) Tony S. Daniel
Poison Ivy attacks a group of fieldworkers, forcing Ethan to choose between transforming into Damage and saving them-or protecting his own sanity! And will Colonel Jonas and her squad capture him before he discovers the truth about what he really is? In Shops: Apr 18, 2018
SRP: $2.99

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