Overwatch's Hanzo Has Seen An Accidental Buff To Scatter Arrow

Overwatch’s Hanzo Has Seen An Accidental Buff To Scatter Arrow

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Overwatch‘s Hanzo has seen a buff to one of the most maligned abilities in the game by way of the scatter arrow in a new patch, but it appears to have been a mistake prior to the ability being removed soon.


Hanzo’s scatter arrow has been a constant source of frustration for Overwatch players. The ability is wild and random and can feel incredibly cheap to fall to. Especially when shot at a hero’s feet, it can be a near instant kill, and for the Hanzo player it can shoot wildly and not act as they intended. It’s a weird ability that is currently on the chopping block, ready to be removed from the game and replaced with a rapid six shot. It seems it’s having one last hoorah before being taken out though.

It seems that the ability has seen a buff in a recent patch, decreasing the cooldown of the ability from 10 to 8 seconds. The kicker though? It was an accident. Taking to the game’s forums, lead designer Geoff Goodman said that the change wasn’t on purpose and happened to get the new changes to the hero ready. He said:

This is unintended. As some people have guessed, this is an accidental change that came from his big changes coming next update.

We’re looking at reverting this, but there is a chance we end up leaving it as-is for now since we’re planning on releasing the next update fairly quickly anyway.

While it’s going to be a rough few days for those at the hands of increased scatter arrows, I suppose it will just be a final death rattle for the ability. On the plus side, at least the promise is the update is coming very soon. I for one can’t wait.

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