Epic Games Will Fix the Fortnite SMG Issues With the Next Patch

Apparently, the entire mess behind the SMG bug in Fortnite has gotten so bad, that Epic Games has decided to address it and will be fixing it in their next patch. If you’re not familiar with the whole fiasco, ever since the weapon swapping mechanic was introduced into the game, the SMG has found more love from players who have been dealing with the problems of reloading high-powered weapons. So, of course, since people are using the SMG more, they’re noticing problems with it when they try to be quick to the gun, hence the discovery of the reload bug. Today, the developers announced on their Reddit page that they would fix it shortly.

We’re aware of that issue and have a fix set to go out in v3.6 for that. Thanks!

While a chunk of the players may be pissed about it, there’s actually a contingency of people who have been telling everyone to get over it and move onto different weapons until it gets fixed. The idea being that if you’re good, you can beat anyone with anything. We’re kinda on the fence that yes, good players don’t need excuses, but gear should work right the first time as well.

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