Our Hand-Eye Coordination is Put To The Test with Trackher

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On occasion, when you’re dealing with a drop-down shooter, dealing with one ship is already bad enough. But the folks at Ask An Enemy Studios decided to up the ante, as we saw int he game they brought to PAX East with Trackher. The game has two mechanics going for it that are, to put it mildly, a pain in the ass to deal with. On the left side of the screen, you have a drop-down shooter in the vein of Centipede or Space Invaders, where enemies are coming down from the top and you need to shoot them. Simultaneously on the right, you have an exploration shooter where you zoom around and seek out supplies to aid the left side. You control both ships at the same time! Which means your attention is frequently being split and you’re forced to make some hard decisions.

credit//Ask An Enemy Studios

I have never equally loved and hated a demo equally as much as I ended up with Trackher. There’s just zero room for error and you will end up being frustrated beyond belief when you’re trying to get the skills down. That being said, I think this will become one of the best challenge oriented games when it’s eventually released. Right now you can try an Early Access version of the game on Steam, but we didn’t get any info about a final version of the game.

credit//Ask An Enemy Studios
credit//Ask An Enemy Studios
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