No Infinity Watch or Guardians Of The Galaxy Story in Spider-Man FCBD Comic

Initially, the Spider-Man Free Comic Book Day comic for 2018 was intended to be a flip-book with the Guardians Of The Galaxy. Then this was switched to the Infinity Watch, the cosmic team traditionally led by Adam Warlock and getting down with the Infinity Gems Stones.

Currently the Diamond listing can’t make up its mind.

(W) Nick Spencer (A) Cliff Rathburn (A/CA) Ryan Ottley

New creative teams. New series. New directions. New beginnings. Fans will be able to read the first Amazing Spider-Man story from Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley in the Amazing Spider-Man/Guardians of the Galaxy Free Comic Book Day issue!
Teen Audiences.

But, as copies ship to stores internationally ahead of Free Comic Book Day on the 5th May, this has been changed again. As well as the Amazing Spider-Man story, there will be a recap of Guardians Of The Galaxy series since Bendis left, ahead of Infinity Countdown and the upcoming Infinity Wars series.

You get pages of reproduced panels with expositional text from the Guardians alongside.

Like this one.

And instead of a flipped cover, there’s an advert for the Infinity Gauntlet trade paperback.

But of course, it is free… it just might not have been what you were expecting.

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