Catching Up with Overwatch at PAX East During the Payload Tour

While Blizzard was on the scene at PAX West, their primary focus (which we’ll discuss later) was on World of Warcraft, while Overwatch was more of a featured attraction this time around for fans to have fun with. While we caught up with some of the crew, we also got to hang out and participate in the Overwatch Payload Tour. The tour itself is a small photo op area where you stand on a spinning platform while a camera films you in a pose holding one of a couple weapons. I took part myself and went with Reaper’s mask with Brigitte’s mace and shield, just for fun. You can go check out my social media to see that.


One of the cool things about it is that the entire thing is unpredictable as to how people will pose and react with real weapon designs from the game in their hands. But it also sets up for some nice miracle moments, like the one below that I was actually present for, as this guy proposed to his girlfriend dressed as Mei. It was one of those cool moments that had the entire hall in cheers and a few tears as she said yes, I felt lucky to witness it while I was visiting with the team. If you’d like to get a photo yourself, here are the rest of the events in 2018 where the tour will be hanging out.


· E3: June 12–14

· Anime Expo: July 5–8

· San Diego Comic-Con: July 19–22

· Dragon Con: August 30 – September 3

· New York Comic Con: October 4–7

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