Who is Fooling Who Here? We Try Out The Game STAY at PAX East

One of the best games we ran across during the third day of PAX East was a little indie title out of Spain from Appnormals Team called STAY, which is part mystery puzzle solving and part text adventure. The game has you playing as a faceless person on the other side of a computer terminal talking with a young man who was apparently kidnapped in the middle of the night and thrown into a dark room with only a computer terminal to communicate with you through. He will speak to you and you'll be given a set of responses to send back to him as you both try to figure out where he is, as well as how and why he got to be there.

credit//Appnormals Team

The game has a surreal sense of humor about it in the idea that you don't really know who you are in this scenario, and it keeps coming up in subtle ways that it's kind of odd that you're the one person he has to talk with while trying to find an escape. It's the kind of game we just wanted to play with for hours but sadly only experienced a small demo of it. STAY is currently slated to be released on April 18th on Steam, with an Xbox One release in the works as well.

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