Trying Desperately to Accomplish Things with Mugsters at PAX East

Another of the Team17 games that we got to try out at PAX East was Mugsters, which when we looked at it, we weren't entirely sure what it was we were observing until we actually figured out the mechanics. The shorthand version of the game is that you play a small eggshell white colored figure who is running around a level trying to solve puzzles and collect certain items before making your way to the exit. A good example of a puzzle is seeing a wall that you can't climb, but having a nearby car that you can get into and smash through the wall with. Or seeing a satellite you need to destroy and finding an explosive barrel that will discharge after a certain amount of time when you toss it.


We didn't have an issue with the game per se, it was more the controls we were dealing with at the time. Some of them just work backward and don't play well to the walking and throwing mechanics you're already used to. I basically destroyed a car because the steering was all janky and I couldn't get it to do anything but run into a stone wall until it was useless. There are definitely some kinks that need to be ironed out, but it was still fun to try out. Mugsters is set to hit PC and consoles sometime in 2018.

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