Hex Building in the Sky as Best We Can with Volantia from PAX East

Have you ever just wanted to call it quits on the rock you're standing on and try over again in the clouds? That's what you get to attempt to do in Volantia from Tangled Mess Games, which we tried out briefly on the PAX East floor.

The game is your basic hex builder with a few added variations, as you're essentially doing a Sim City scenario in the sky. You're given a set of resources to place and attach next to your starting location, on which you build routs in order for the village to cultivate and grow. You don't have a ton of choice over what you're given, so you basically have to decide what's most important to you at any given time and go with the flow.

credit//Tangled Mess Games

Taking a nod from Civilization as well, there's a learning tree where if you manage to master something in a particular area, you can then work toward something new in order to make your society grow and populate faster.

The pacing of the game could use a little tightening up, but the demo we tried was actually quite fun to play. We were told the game would be released sometime in mid-2018, so we're guessing at best you'll see this again at E3 before we know when Volantia will come out.

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