Playing For the Sake of Having Fun with Happy Salmon at PAX East

Another game we got some awesome amount of time with while visiting North Star Games at PAX East was Happy Salmon, which is essentially one of the quickest and cutest card games you’ll ever come across. The premise of it is simple: you have four sets of cards that do four specific actions. When you pull a card in your hand, you immediately start making that action to all the other players until someone reciprocates. Then you drop that card, move onto the next one, and continue this process until your hand has been cleared.

credit//North Star Games

There are two versions of the game, one for up to six players in the green fish and one for up to twelve players in the blue fish. We had a lot of fun playing this game with the developers and founders of the company, who you could tell are super passionate about everything they do. It’s a rarity to find a crew of game creators who, even though they’re running a business, enjoy everything that they do and love bringing smiles to people’s faces. We’ll review the game at a later date as they were gracious enough to give us a review copy. But if you sold already, go show them some love.

credit//North Star Games

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