New Kickstarter, Killing Time In America by Jimmy Palmiotti and Moritat, Less Than 2 Days to Go…

Jimmy Palmiotti tells Bleeding Cool,

Hey everyone,

I have a new Kickstarter running in its last 48 hours that you might not have heard about. It’s called Killing Time In America and is an adult hardcover graphic novel written by myself and Craig Weeden, and illustrated by my All-Star Western/ Harley Quinn artist Justin [ Moritat] Norman and Paul Mounts with lettering and design by John J Hill.

The story is inspired by my love of 70’s movies and 80’s slasher movies. Killing Time is about a group of European killers posing as a family, going on vacation to Florida and sending live feed back to their home town of their killing spree. It’s also about a retired detective hunting these killers down as we learn that this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened. If you have enjoyed my work on Harley Quinn, Jonah Hex, Friday the 13th, The Hills Have Eyes and so on, this may be something you will enjoy. I will warn ahead of time that there is graphic violence and nudity, so it’s not for the kids.

The coolest thing about doing a Kickstarter is the connection I get with the audience and with this being my 10th Kickstarter, I am really learning not only what kind of content people are looking for, but also what kind of exclusive pledges to offer, and with Killing Time in America, we went all out. We are offering an exclusive Amanda Conner adult cover edition that comes signed with a signed print, offering Dave Johnson Print sets and so many more cool things you cannot get elsewhere. the digital rewards alone are worth a look.

We even reached the first stretch goal and everyone will be getting a digital version of RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE, a graphic novel written by Justin Gray and myself…and the next stretch goal will be an exclusive Amanda Conner print to everyone pledging to the paper edition of the hardcover. We wanted to make sure everyone on any budget could be involved so for $8 we have offered a digital download of the graphic novel as well. So, if any of this interest you, or if you enjoy the art, please go over to the kickstarter page, watch the very cool movie-style live action trailer for the book and give it a look. You will not be disappointed. Remember, now its 47 hours left….go get something that is done by the creators, sold by them, signed by them and delivered right to your doorstep!


Jimmy Palmiotti

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