Being Absolutely Captivated with Projection: First Light at PAX East

One of the best games that we got a chance to play on the PAX East floor was a fun little game from publisher Blowfish Studios called Projection: First Light. The game itself is simple in concept but it makes for one of the best experiences we had all weekend. Developed by Shadowplay Studios, you control a shadow-puppet character, complete with the wire attached to the figure as if someone was acting out a play. You move the character with the left stick, while on the right you control a small ball of yellow light. You move the light into specific positions to create shadows which your character can physically move on. Som for example. if you have a table in your way, you move the light to the opposite side to create a shadow to climb up.

credit//Blowfish Studios

The game is just absolutely visually stunning and made me want to sit down and play it for hours. Sadly, we have to wait until some time in the second quarter of this year to play it on Steam, with no word yet as to whether or not it will be released on console. To us, this should be on every system, as it presents a unique gameplay experience that left us with a smile all weekend. If you get a chance to play a demo of Projection: First Light, take it!

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