PUBG is Getting a Free Weekend on Xbox One Later This Month

PUBG will be getting a free weekend of play on Xbox One later this month.

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PUBG was so encompassing in the gaming zeitgeist last year. It’s rare that a title bangs quite like that (obviously we are seeing similar things with Fortnite at the moment) and within a couple months of the game launching in Early Access, it was everywhere. It broke Steam concurrent records and sold a ludicrous number of units, bringing the boom of Battle Royale games all on its own. This then continued as the game finally came to consoles at the end of the year, with the Xbox One version bringing in a whole new market of console players.

If you are still yet to try the game and are one such console player, then there is an exciting offer coming up soon. Microsoft has announced as part of its Free Play Days the game will be free to try pretty soon. Starting April 19 12:01am PT and running until Sunday, April 22 11:59pm PT, players will be able to hop into the game free of charge. This is a full version of the game too, so any progress on the leaderboards and any items or points you accumulate will carry over if you pick up the game.

This is a great little offer. PUBG really is one of the true phenomenons in the gaming sectors for quite some time and if you have not played it, you most certainly should take some time to see what the fuss is about.