Is Legends of Tomorrow Influenced by Guardians of the Galaxy?

A rag-tag group of losers and outcasts pulled together to save the universe. That’s a description that works for quite a few franchises, but the most recent ones being Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. And while Legends was played much more seriously in the first season, the second season began to embrace a similar insanity to the James Gunn-helmed films.

While the Guardians travel through the cosmos and the Legends bounce around the time streams, both of them tends to save the day in spite of themselves… or as it was put at the beginning of season 3 by Nate Heywood (Nick Zano), “Sometimes we screw things up for the better.”


The embraced insanity was on display Monday night in the Legends season finale that featured a warrior of pure light taking the form of  the talking stuffed animal, Beebo. In a scene that was half Captain Planet and half Ghostbusters, the 20-plus foot tall Beebo went toe-to-toe with the winged time demon named Mallus in a epic battle that ended with a heart-shaped puff of blue fur and stuffing. It was arguably the best use of a CGI budget I’ve ever seen on television.

A clip of the battle was posted to social media by Ash Crossan, host of ET Now. Guardians director James Gunn replied to the post, calling the scene “amazing.” That was replied to by Legends executive producer Marc Guggenheim, who told Gunn that they “invoke Guardians in the writer’s room A LOT.” That pretty much means that Legends of Tomorrow is indeed influenced by Guardians of the Galaxy… which works out well for the fans.

Now what they need to do is convince Gunn to come in and direct an episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in season 4.

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