Blizzard Say an Overwatch Campaign Would be Tough but are Continuing to Talk About It

Blizzard Say an Overwatch Campaign Would be Tough but are Continuing to Talk About It

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Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has said in an interview that a fully-fledged Overwatch campaign would be a huge undertaking for the team, but admits they are listening to feedback on the idea.


As the years have gone on, I have begun to wonder how likely a story based campaign in Overwatch might be. The game has dabbled with PvE missions before, previously with last years Uprising event and now this year’s Retribution, both being neat distractions that dive a little into the background of Overwatch‘s story. However, they are set in the past and the storytelling in the current timeline for the game, be it from the early Winston CG short to the comics, has been about the recall of the disbanded Overwatch. The story hasn’t moved much from there and it seems like it could be primed for a story campaign. (There have also been a couple job listings with Blizzard that hint at a new, unannounced first-person game is in the works, which could suggest something Overwatch based.)

Well, director Jeff Kaplan has now spoken about the possibility directly. Speaking to Eurogamer, Kaplan says the idea is exciting but is careful to point out how big a task that would be for the team. That being said, he does point out that the team are ‘continuing’ to take feedback and talk about it. He said:

Oftentimes it gets asked of us: why don’t you guys just stop doing this other stuff and just make the PvE campaign for the game. We would love to and that’s very compelling to us when we think about it, but that’s probably like making a brand new game for us. That’s a significant amount of work. I’m not sure our fans realise that it would constitute a brand new game. Whether or not we should be making that game? I think that’s a great question and that’s something we’ll continue to take feedback and talk with one another about.

It’s a little hidden in there, and perhaps I’m reading a little too much, but it seems the discussion of such a mode (or new game) are taking place. It’s a no-brainer to me too. I really do believe that many players care about these characters and want to see them interacting past their PvP limitations. The two Archive events have proven just how popular the idea has been, so seeing a feature-length game that explores the story of Overwatch would be incredibly exciting.

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