The Cast of Alita: Battle Angel Talk Empowerment and Feeling Protective of the Source Material

When it comes to adaptations of classics and beloved material, fans tend to feel very protective of the source material. While it’s not uncommon for the actors portraying these characters to eventually end up feeling the same way, Alita: Battle Angel actress Rosa Salazar took it to a different level. As soon as she read the source material she got very protective of it and even got to “WELL ACTUALLY” a few people, as she says in a new interview with Deadline.

I got very protective of it so I know how all of the fans feel when they’re like “this better do it justice” because I started to feel the same way. … I get it; you read it and you become a part of it especially Alita. Something is so intimate, it’s very important, once you read it.

Alita: Battle Angel

Salazar was also asked about director Robert Rodriguez and how his casts are usually very diverse, as well as how this movie is coming out in a time of women’s empowerment.

With this #MeToo movement and #TimesUp I think that it’s poetic that Alita is coming out where all of these movements are going strong and we’re changing the course of history right now. So that’s really, really important and people will be able to relate to someone that’s so vulnerable yet so powerful but also as a person, as an actress in Hollywood, it’s important to me that we have the most diverse cast. We have two Latino people in the lead roles, we have Mahershala [Ali], we have Ed Skrein, who is British, we have everyone in the world. We took inspiration from Cuban culture, from Chinese culture, we really wanted it to be an actual melting pot and I think Robert [Rodriguez] achieved that. Robert wanted everyone to come together in that way.

Actor Keean Johnson was asked what he hopes people take away from the film and said that he hopes that young women feel empowered by Alita and her journey.

I think it’s just incredible to see a film, an incredible experience, but also come away with, at least for young girl, to walk away and feel empowered. They can feel insecure and vulnerable too but so does Alita and she is the most powerful girl in this world. I think everyone will be able to take something from it.

Alita: Battle Angel

For Salazar it came down to one specific line from the movie that she hopes resonates with audiences.

And also Alita has this line “I don’t stand by in the presence of evil” and I hope, when people leave the theater, they decide the same thing.

We still have quite a long way to go before Alita: Battle Angel hits theaters after a pretty significant delay. It has pretty stiff competition come December, so it’ll really have to be something special to stand out.

An action-packed story of one young woman’s journey to discover the truth of who she is and her fight to change the world.

Alita: Battle Angel, directed by Robert Rodriguez, stars Eiza González, Jennifer Connelly, Michelle Rodriguez, Mahershala Ali, Christoph Waltz, and Jackie Earle Haley. It will be released on December 21st.

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