Beware of the PUBG Malware That Forces You to Play The Game

Unless you’re a hardcore PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds player and are currently waiting for a match to start as you read this article, there’s a new PUBG malware virus on the loose that you might want to be on the lookout for. It isn’t anything that affects the game, it only affects your PC in general. Kotaku is reporting that the new bug locks up your files and apps on your desktop unless you’re playing PUBG. The file is basically ransomware but unlike other forms of ransomware it isn’t targeting your money or accounts or online shopping, it’s simply forcing you to play the battle royale style game for an hour in order for anything to work.

The file shouldn’t be able to mess with you as long as you have updated firewall protection, malware detection, and virus scanners. If you’d like to know exactly how the file might try to come your way, BleepingComputer has a full prognosis for those of you into coding. Basically, just be on your toes at all times when it comes to what you’re downloading and what you choose to expose your computer to. But if you don’t care and you love playing the game, then by all means, ignore this message and get back to winning chicken dinners.

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