PAX East Show Floor Tour: Behavior Interactive (VIDEO) - Bleeding Cool

PAX East Show Floor Tour: Behavior Interactive (VIDEO)

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Our own Madeline Ricchiuto attended PAX East for Bleeding Cool, and she was all over the show floor taking videos of the various booths. Did you wish you could have attended but were stuck at home? Then Madeline is here to show you the major booths from the comfort of your own home.

Let’s peek at Behavior Interactive and see what their booth looked like this year.

From Madeline:

Behavior Interactive has come a long way in recent years, in no part because of the success of their asymmetrical horror survival multiplayer machine Dead by Daylight. Their booth had a demo for DBD with a single line for killers and survivors, and spectators could watch the matches. However, their newest IP and the first outside game they’ll be publishing, Deathgarden, took top billing. The Deathgarden demo was a major crowd pleaser with consistently long lines, and it really set the tone for the whole booth’s aesthetic.

Keep an eye on Bleeding Cool for all of PAX East coverage.

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