PAX East Show Floor Tour: Floor Overview (VIDEO)

PAX East Show Floor Tour: Floor Overview (VIDEO)

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Our own Madeline Ricchiuto attended PAX East for Bleeding Cool, and she was all over the show floor taking videos of the various booths. Did you wish you could have attended but were stuck at home? Then Madeline is here to show you the major booths from the comfort of your own home. Check out the rest of our PAX East coverage right here.

From Madeline:

PAX East 2018 had an insane number of games available for demo on the show floor. While some of the larger names were not on the expo floor — Bethesda Softworks had a huge booth last year but did not bring many games this year — but the sheer number of indie games was impressive. Of course, for serial PAX East fans, the tabletop free play, PC LAN, and console free play spaces were still open. PAX East was bigger and better than ever this year, and the expo hall floor did a great job reflecting that: Xbox and PlayStation held the major center spots, with Blizzard and Square Enix taking the corners. AMD, MSI, Alienware, Corsair, and even Aorus came to rep the PC front. Add a ton of esports tourneys and PAX East had a little bit of everything.

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