Omensight: Indie Platformers Have Never Looked This Good

Omensight: Indie Platformers Have Never Looked This Good

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Spearhead Games’ Omensight is a visually gorgeous indie platformer game, with an ambitious morality mechanic and decision tree system where your actions directly affect the story. Players take control of The Harbinger, whose role is to play both warrior and judge to rewrite the destruction of the world by identifying those who may have played a part in the apocalypse. So, you’re doing some low-key time travelling and detective work. Meanwhile the gameplay is a solid platformer reminiscent of the Prince of Persia trilogy.

Because you are a time-traveller, The Harbinger has the ability to slow time, create singularities, and warp the flow of combat — super handy when taking on mobs of enemies. The controls for Omensight are slick, the gameplay is enjoyable and provides a solid platformer experience, the art is fantastic, and the story is actually kind of awesome.

There really isn’t a whole lot this game doesn’t have.

You even have the option to pair up with one of three allies, a song-slinging bard, martial-expert army captain, or a beer-swilling bear — and all three have vastly different stories of how the apocalypse came about. So you’ll definitely have to pay attention to the dialogue.

In fact, the demo yelled at me for not listening carefully enough; so don’t make my mistake, kids. You can’t brute force your way through this game, which is something I greatly respect.

Omensight is currently slated to release sometime in the Spring or Summer of this year for PlayStation 4 and PC. Both versions will launch simultaneously.

You can watch some gameplay of the Ludomir demo from PAX below.

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