Mustafa Ali Cosplays as a Blue Iron Man to Take on Cedric Alexander

Mustafa Ali Cosplays as a Blue Iron Man to Take on Cedric Alexander

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Tonight during the WrestleMania 34 pre-show, Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander faced off to determine who would win the vacant Cruiserweight title.

Alexander came to the ring first, ready to go, but then Ali strutted out in a glowing blue costume that had a strong resemblance to Iron Man. He even had a fake glowing hand cannon. The two are very evenly paired, though they did spend some time yelling such things like “Is this all you’ve got?!” and “WrestleMania!” Seriously, there was a lot of yelling.

Once the match got going, both men showed some impressive strength and skill, such as the insanely cool Spanish Fly. Alexander, meanwhile, wasn’t afraid to get some air for a move, showing the world what they’re likely missing from 205 Live. Hell, I don’t watch 205 Live, but I may start watching it now. These guys are giving it their all. In the end, Alexander won the title, and now I need to watch 205 Live.

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