Experience the Existential Dread of Living in Virtual Form with 'Mosaic'

Experience the Existential Dread of Living in Virtual Form with Krillbite Studios’ Mosaic

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Krillbite Studios’ Mosiac does something fantastic and horrible at the same time. It’s Krillbite’s second big game and takes a complete 180 from Among the Sheep, both in terms of art and genre. Mosaic is a “mysterious narrative game” where you follow the repetative and lonely life of a commuter. One day along the line of his monotonous life, strange things start to happen

Full development on Mosaic started in spring 2016 after Among the Sleep hit consoles. A teaser trailer was shown during GDC 2016 and was well received by both press and gamers. A playable build was available during GDC 2018 for the very first time, as part of Double Fine’s Day of the Devs.

Mosaic manages to be the exact same simple but dreadful life that many of us already live, but in a more surreal way. I have never had a video game personally attack me for my life choices before without ever seeming to make pointed comments. Mosaic just shows you all of the ways in which life is a drag, and makes you relive them in excruciating detail. It is possibly the perfect replication of life I have ever seen in a digital format.

The playable build was a pretty simple demo, where you went through a routine while strange things built up an atmosphere of anticipation and dread in the background. The controls were simple and slick, and the build was completely stable, which is always awesome to see. But honestly, Mosaic is an atmospheric, philosophical type of indie game. It has a story and a message and so much of that relies on how attuned you are to the peripherals of the game.

To get a better idea, here’s the latest teaser.

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