Brian Michael Bendis Throws Red Trunks to the Audience at Syfy DC Comics #C2E2 Panel

Panel Images and Notes Courtesy of Bleeding Cool’s Robert Goode:

The legendary Brian Michael Bendis talked DC Comics at a Syfy Wire panel today at C2E2. Not a whole lot of new information was revealed, but it did serve as a good compilation of what we know about Bendis’ upcoming run on Superman for DC Comics.

As we know,  Superman: Action Comics #1000 will be the beginning of Brian Michael Bendis’ run with the character. They discussed the artwork shown at the Superman Panel at C2E2, which we have compiled for you at this link.

Jim Lee has apparently been drawing pages of Action Comics #1000 on his Twitch channel. This is apparently ongoing and more is to come on Twitch.

Artist Jose Garcia Lopez came out of retirement to contribute artwork to Action Comics #1000. Bendis contacted Lopez to ask if there was anything he could do to help the artist in this brief career revival. Lopez told Bendis to only write a story Bendis loved.

Bendis at Syfy DC Comics C2E2 Panel- photo by Robert Goode
Bendis at Syfy DC Comics C2E2 Panel- photo by Robert Goode

When asked what character surprised him the most in the writing process, he answered Perry White, which is certainly an unexpected response.

Bendis once more celebrated the return of Superman’s red trunks, and he threw a few out to the audience.

He talked more about the new villain he has introduced. He apparently named the rogue after his doctor. Apparently, the doctor didn’t believe Bendis when he told her.

Brian Michael Bendis is officially transitioned to DC from Marvel. His work at Marvel is finished, and he’s happy to step aside and allow the new rising talent take over at the House of Ideas. Bendis continues to praise how helpful both companies were in the transition and through the health issues he had recently.

And those are the high points of the panel.  Superman: Action Comics #1000 is set to come out April 18th– about two weeks away. We will finally see how this all shakes out then.

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