State of Decay 2 Gets A New Video Showing Off Zombie Fun

State of Decay 2 Gets A New Video Showing Off Zombie Fun

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Undead Labs has released a new video of State of Decay 2 showing off zombie-infused gameplay and the fun you will be getting up too.

State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is not far away now. The first game was a great stepping stone, and despite its considerable rough edges, it garnered a nice little fanbase. That’s why there are big hopes that the upcoming sequel can smooth over that jank and deliver on the potential that was so clearly there. We’ve already had decent looks at the game thus far, but what’s a little more to help us see what we are going to be getting up to?

This latest video has a weird tone to it, but it is a good look at various aspects of the game. The trailer was made for the PAX East booth so isn’t quite structured like a normal one, but you can catch glimpses of combat, management, vehicle and stealth in there. There is a lot rammed in in a short amount of time. There is even a rather large zombie tearing a human in half, so that is fun.

Take a look:

I really do hope this game comes together. While zombies seem played out at this point, State of Decay is a fun franchise with some great ideas. Seeing those explored further and the improvements coming in will be the real key here. I hope they get it right, survival games have seemingly cooled somewhat after their huge push a couple years ago. The time feels about right to get into a new one. It’s not long to wait now either. The game is due May 22, 2018 on Xbox One and PC.

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