Final Fantasy XV Announces Comrades Standalone and Shadow of the Tomb Raider Collaboration

Square Enix dropped a ton of news at today’s Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition – Making it Yours PAX East panel. Not only are we getting four new character centered DLCs and a slew of Mod tools, the game is also getting a collaboration with Square Enix’s newest project – Shadow of the Tomb Raider. In addition, the multiplayer expansion Final Fantasy XV: Comrades is getting released as a standalone game.

FFXV Comrades is getting some other updates as well, what with it becoming a solo act. The game is getting a ton of new boss encounters, including a fight with Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda.  “He is a very big boss” Live Service Manager Shigefumi Tanaka joked when he revealed the encounter during the panel. More traditional bosses like Gilgamesh will also come to the multiplayer expansion.

The multiplayer mode is also getting raids alongside those new bosses and battle challenges. So every week you’ll log in to find a new battle challenge has come to the game. The new bosses are part of raid encounters that will require a 4-person party to take on.

In addition, Comrades will launch as a standalone game for those who have no desire to pick up and play the story-mode of FFXV. So it’ll just be an online multiplayer machine, which makes sense.
The raids and battle challenges are set to launch this summer, while the standalone release is set for a ‘TBD” date, though it is coming this year.
And because its been a while since the game got a collaboration event, some information on the new event was teased by Global Brand Manager for FFXV Raio Mitsuno. There’s a new collaboration event coming for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. More info on that will come at a later date. Quite possibly later this month, just in time for the game to hit Tribecca Games Festival in New York.
They also teased the FFXV concert thats taking place tonight at the main theater at PAX East. You can stream it live on starting at 8:30pm EST.
More news announced at the panel includes four new character centered DLC expansions, plus a slew of mod tools and a level editor being added to the Windows Edition of the game.

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