Charles Soule Talks The Hunt for Wolverine: Alpha at C2E2 2018

Charles Soule Talks The Hunt for Wolverine: Alpha at #C2E2 2018

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Bleeding Cool’s Robert Goode reports from C2E2 2018:

It’s the first day of C2E2, and Charles Soule sat down on the live stage to talk about Marvel’s The Hunt for Wolverine.

Charles Soule at C2E2. Photograph by Robert Goode
Charles Soule at C2E2. Photograph by Robert Goode

In 2014, Soule wrote The Death of Wolverine, which ended with the character trapped in an Adamantium statue.

The Hunt for Wolverine: Alpha tells the story of how Wolverine comes back. It’s full of clues as to what happened and will be followed by several stories by a number of Marvel artists and writers. The whole thing leads up to a big event for this fall. Unfortunately, Soule was not able to give away more on that one.

According to Soule, one of the main themes for this is “death changes a person.” He assures us that people will have a LOT to talk about.

David Marquez will be joining Charles Soule as the artist, as we already knew. Marquez is coming off fresh of his partnership with Brian Michael Bendis on the Defenders title.

Alpha will be a whopping 40 pages, so there will hopefully be a lot of content and story to get through on this initial issue of the story.

It will be accompanied by spinoff tales Adamantium Agenda, Claws of the Killer, Mystery in Madripoor, and Weapon Lost, which Marvel promises will be spanning a wide array of genres from “horror” to “dark romance” and “noir/detective”. We’re sure you’ve seen the covers advertising these stories on this past week’s Marvel comics, if not in the Previews from months ago. That’s believable, as mainstream comics have always played it fast and loose with genre boundaries; the question, of course, is how well it plays with said genres.

The Hunt for Wolverine: Alpha comes out next month.

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