So We Hear You Like Visual Dictionaries: DK Books’ Presentation at the Diamond Retailer Summit

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Normally, if you were to go out to lunch and come home with a bunch of VD, it would be a bad thing. But when that lunch is at the Diamond Retailer Summit, and the VD stands for Visual Dictionaries, it’s another story. During their lunchtime presentation at the summit before C2E2, international book publisher Dorling Kindersley (DK) revealed a slate of books that mostly consisted of visual dictionaries.

They’ve got the Marvel Studios Visual Dictionary, the Star Wars Complete Visual Dictionary, and even a Lego DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary. Other offerings included a book about The Rock‘s pro wrestling career, and DC Comics: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know (how long is the Eddie Berganza chapter?). Check out photos from the presentation below:

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