This War of Mine is Free to Play For The Rest of the Week

This War of Mine is Free to Play For The Rest of the Week

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Developer 11 bit has made its previous game This War of Mine free to play until Sunday.

This war of mine

This War of Mine is an excellent little title. It came out towards the end of 2014, and really offered something unique to the gaming landscape. By combining management, survival and narrative genres together, the game took the subject of war and put it into the perspective of civilians. While we experience war in games all the time, we don’t often see it through the eyes of people caught up in the conflict, and we especially don’t see the awful hardships of conflict. It really is a pretty unique little title.

If you haven’t picked up the game, but it has piqued your interest, now is a great time to hop in. The game is currently free to play on Steam. All you have to do is head over to the game’s page and install it through the service. You are then ready to go. Keep in mind, the game is only free during the duration of the offer, and unlike recent Humble Bundle offers, you don’t get to keep it. You will have to go back to buying it on April 8. Thankfully though, it is currently on sale for 70% off, so if you do like it, you can pick it up for a significantly reduced price.

I really do encourage you to try it out if you have never played it. It’s an excellent title and not like much you’ve played. The choices you are forced to confront and the real world slant make for a harrowing experience, but one worth exploring anyways. Have at it.

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