Pokemon Go is Going Green for their Earth Day 2018 Event

Niantic Labs has partnered up with Mission Blue and Playmob for their upcoming Earth Day event for Pokemon Go, which encourages players to try and make the world a greener place. This year, Pokemon Go players can help get into the spirit of Earth Day by participating in the Pokemon Go Earth Day Cleanup event on April 22nd, 2018. Given the fact that PokeGo is all about getting up and out of the house, the fact that they’re hosting an environmentally conscious event isn’t a surprise at all.

The event will have PokeGo players head to select locations to help lend a hand by picking up trash and cleaning the environment. Players will earn boosts to Stardust when catching Ground, Water, and Grass-type Pokemon depending on how many registered players are in the area. So they could just hang out on the edges and not help out while still getting the buff, but that’s why the event is working with local non-profits. Well that, and for the sake of on-ground organization.

Niantic’s reasoning for the event should be pretty obvious, but just in case, they’ve given themselves a mission statement.

At Niantic we believe in taking care of the planet and we invite everyone to help us make the world a cleaner place on Earth Day through our collaboration with Mission Blue and multiple NGO partners. Together we can make a real and tangible impact on our world and support the important work of others to protect our oceans for future generations.

You can register for a local Earth Day Cleanup project or get more information by heading over to the Pokemon Go website.

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