The Latest Overwatch Comic Teases a PVE Mode Starring Reaper

Blizzard has released the latest issue of the Overwatch comic from Matt Burns and Gary Shuko. Issue #16 is titled Retribution and explores Blackwatch’s past and the events that may have led to the end of Overwatch. The summary teaser reads, “When Overwatch is unable to apprehend a prominent member of Talon, Reyes gathers the members of Blackwatch to take matters into his own hands…”

Which means, if you couldn’t guess it from the cover, the issue follows Reaper on a mission to kidnap a member of Talon. However, the contents of the comic and some of Blizzard’s commentary about the return of the Uprising event has led to some taking the comic to be a teaser for Overwatch‘s new PVE mode, which would of course star Reaper on his mission of retribution against Talon.

IGN speculates:

On Monday, Blizzard revealed that not only would last year’s Uprising event return, but they would be exploring more stories from Overwatch’s past in a similar way with what they call the Overwatch Archives. Game Director Jeff Kaplan said more details would be coming in a video during the Overwatch League tonight, but signed off by saying “we hope that you’re ready for the retribution.”

The meaning wasn’t entirely clear, but today Blizzard released a new Overwatch comic called Retribution. It shows the more nefarious Overwatch group called Blackwatch prepping for a mission eight years in the past, and features a four-hero squad of Reaper, McCree, Genji, and Moira in matching skins from the game.

The parallels between this and the four-hero squad that suit-up for the Uprising mode, itself a mission from Overwatch’s past, are impossible to ignore. While nothing is confirmed yet, it seems likely that Retribution will be the Overwatch Archives’ first new PvE mode, sharing the cast and plot of the comic – a mission to Italy to kidnap a top-level Talon operative named Antonio.

While this isn’t a confirmation that we’re getting a PVE mode, nor what exactly the possible PVE mode will entail, IGN does present a pretty solid case here. We will likely get a new PVE mode, but it may not have anything to do with Retribution. Blizzard does like to screw with us on that a bit; the Doomfist teases before Orisa’s reveal certainly come to mind.

Of course, nothing is official until Blizzard announces it (probably with a trailer, because that’s how we announce things in video games in 2018) but until then, we can comfort ourselves with possibilities.

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