Saying Goodbye to Adventure Time at WonderCon 2018 with Composer Tim Kiefer

Jimmy Leszczynski went to WonderCon 2018 for Bleeding Cool.

After eight years and all the Bacon Pancakes he can stand, Adventure Time composer Tim Kiefer is ready to move on. His work is done, and the only thing left is for the epic 44-minute finale to air on Cartoon Network. But when will that be? Tim takes time out on his way to the Music in Animation panel at WonderCon 2018 to stop and talk to us about the series finale, what different styles of music inspired him, and lots more.

We were interested to find out that while Tim doesn’t provide any of the singing voices, he does do the beatboxing for Finn, supplies the auto tune, and plays the instruments that you hear on the show.

Kiefer finds inspiration from many types of music, but he is extremely fond of the “weird type of music that get filtered thru me.”

Tim takes “weird mutant dance music” that has its roots in Chicago house, Juke & Footwork, and Skweee, a synthetic Scandinavian funk, and combines them into the crazy dance beats at center of the Adventure Time’s songs and melodies

We also discuss the process of working with animatics, the different random instruments he likes to use (“Have you ever heard of a vibra-slap?”), and the emotions felt as the end of Adventure Time draws nigh.

“After eight years, yeah, I’m ready to move on. That closure is good, but lemme tell ya. Without giving any spoilers away, they have pulled out all the stops for the finale. It is a tearjerker.”

Kiefer goes on to tease the finale as such:

“I think that it’s very, very, thoughtful, considerate, personal growth written into the characters. That’s what’s beautiful about it. It’s what Adventure Time has always been good at — writing earnest, genuine characters. The finale is a super condensed version of that.”

I have to say that I agree about the air date for the Adventure Time finale, “I wish I knew.”

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