Nerd Food: Spidey Tea from Nerdfelt Tea (in a Carnage Mug)

Nerd Food: Spidey Tea from Nerdfelt Tea (in a Carnage Mug)

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I love tea. I drink it year ’round, and I tend to buy more than I may ever need. Needless to say, I’m a sucker for tea — especially nerd-inspired brew. Today I’m trying Spidey Tea from Nerdfelt Tea, inspired by our favorite web slinger!

Made with black tea, natural raspberry flavor, raspberries, raspberry leaves, and blue cornflowers, this rather pretty tea also smells amazing. The raspberry has a floral hint to it, which is very inviting. After steeping it for three minutes, I took my first sip. The raspberry will perk you right up, and it goes well with the black tea. This is by far one of the tastiest teas I’ve ever had! The description on the website is also just as charming:

“This red raspberry tea will give you the energy to fight crime in your neighborhood, and be home in time for dinner (and homework).”

If you’re looking for a solid spring tea, make this your go-to! Plus, it looks simply amazing in a Carnage mug:

carnage mug

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