Marvel Teams Up with Rocket Mortgage for Avengers: Infinity War Marketing Crossover

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The industry that brought you the 2008 financial crisis is teaming up with the comic book industry to cross-promote Avengers: Infinity War, the upcoming Marvel Studios film, and Rocket Mortgage, the smartphone app that aims to get approved for mortgages “in as few as eight minutes, all from the push of a button.”

According to a press release, the collaboration between Quicken Loans and Marvel will be “centered around a co-branded television commercial campaign in addition to a Rocket Mortgage product placement in the opening scenes of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War. The commercial is part of a fully integrated campaign which includes additional co-branded content through digital videos, online ads, social media and more.” In fact, Avengers: Infinity War will “mark the big screen debut for Rocket Mortgage, the nation’s first and leading end-to-end customizable online and on-demand mortgage experience,” the press release claims, so look for first printings of the app to skyrocket in price on eBay.

“By teaming up with Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War, we are not only able to produce fun, energetic and creative content, but the campaign also provides Rocket Mortgage a strong opportunity to connect with current and future homebuyers,” said Casey Hurbis, Chief Marketing Officer for Quicken Loans in the press release. “Rocket Mortgage is the best platform for consumers to be Super-Hero-level confident when buying a home.”

“This campaign is about embracing confidence and feeling empowered, just like our heroes do,” said Mindy Hamilton, Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships & Marketing. “It’s easy to be envious of the super powers that we see in the film, but Rocket Mortgage is reminding us in a fun way that we have tools at our disposal to conquer whatever obstacles lie ahead. We’re excited to welcome everyone into this new little pocket of our universe.”

We can’t think of any possible drawbacks to reducing the complex process of incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to a simple button-press in an app. Furthermore, if any industry has the kind of financial foresight and responsibility that could only enrich the mortgage industry, it’s got to be comics, right?

Furthermore, as both comic books and movie tickets become more expensive, Quicken Loans could eventually get into the business of approving people for mortgages to pick up their pull list or buy popcorn and a soda at the concession stand. Seems like a match made in heaven. Or is it the other place?

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th. Why not buy a house before then?

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