Blizzard Posts a New Trailer for Overwatch’s Uprising Event

Blizzard released a new trailer today for Overwatch‘s upcoming event in April, which will be the second Uprising event that happens on King’s Row. However, this time around it looks like there’s more to it we’re not being told yet. If you watch the video below it talks about Archives File 0382, which its accesses and shows off a lot of the assets from last year’s event. But at the end of the video, it shows the computer accessing another file in the archives numbered 0274. Which to us means this uprising event will have two different missions you’ll be able to play, the first being the original with Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt, and Torbjörn; while the other is a totally new mission.

Considering the file number is earlier than the previous one, it’s logical to assume this is a much earlier event in the Overwatch canon. Considering some of the text we got leading up to the reveal of Brigitte, could it possibly be the mission where Torb loses his hand? Could we finally be going to Istanbul and see Operation White Dome in action, and find out what happened to the mysterious Emre Sariogl? It would certainly be awesome, but only time will tell as we draw closer.

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