Angry Overwatch Player’s Wife Makes Him Do Psychotherapy Homework Sheets


One part of behavioral therapy involves filling out mood reflection worksheets that require you to analyze problematic behavior, how it makes you feel, what mental distortions are at play during those moments, and then rewrite your responses to being more positive. You wouldn’t automatically connect that to rage-filled gamers, but the application is actually a pretty spot-on use of the tool. And for the wife of one angry Overwatch player, the sheets worked.

As the Daily Dot reports:

According to the gamer, who posted his story on Reddit, his wife noticed how upset he would get when he lost a match on Overwatch. He would rage out at his opponents, his teammates, and himself, and he seemed to believe the game was unfair. In some gaming communities, this is called “going on tilt.”

Mood reflection worksheets like this are common in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Both forms of therapy work pretty well with anger management, which makes things even neater now that members of the Overwatch community have asked for blank worksheets to use themselves.

While the worksheets aren’t a cure to game-induced rage (or any other problematic pattern of behavior), they do provide a mental framework for helping deal with the thoughts as they occur. The sheets are effectively “cognitive re-framing” devices. And eventually will help the troubled gamer respond to stressful situations with a bit more grace.

Perhaps we ought to start a recovering rage gamers community?

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