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CBR’s Brian Cronin is The King of Candy Crush

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Brian Cronin is best known in the comic book industry for his CBR column Comic Book Legends Revealed, which survived the CBR cull when Jonah Weiland sold the site, as well as writing widely for the site. But he has also written a number of spinoff books, including Was Superman a Spy? and Why Does Batman Carry Shark Repellent? with his next book 100 Things X-Men Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die out in April. He also fills every other spare minute writing for ESPN.com, the Los Angeles Times, About.com, the Huffington Post, and Gizmodo.

But he could probably accomplish even more if he wasn’t playing Candy Crush Saga, the still-ridiculously successful freemium game from King.

Playing at the top echelons, I am told that he is often first to beat each new set of levels as they are released, as his ID sits there, atop everyone else, mocking them from afar.

While many players have given up and moved on, for Brian Cronin, this is his life’s towering work. While other string players known to the comic book industry, including Louise Simonson and Dan DiDio (and even I’ve been known to pop up there now and again), all must bow down to the King King, Brian Cronin.

All bow down and worship him. I think he is currently on level 3230. And still crushing all that candy.

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