Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, 04/01/18: Doomsday Clock, Metal, and Terrifics All Dropping at Once

Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, Easter Sunday 2018: You Just Can’t Compete with Doomsday Clock, Metal, and Terrifics All Dropping at Once

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This is the Top 10 Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the “Wednesday Warriors”, those who can’t wait to the weekend to get this week’s comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

Doomsday Clock #4 art by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson

Saga may have topped the ComiXology chart, but it was beaten out by Marvel and DC’s big guns in print… and Metal and Doomsday Clock were neck-and-neck for the top.

    1. Doomsday Clock #4 by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.
    2. Dark Nights: Metal #6 by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion.
    3. Detective Comics #977 by James Tynion IV and Javi Fernandez.
    4. Avengers #686 by Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub and Paco Medina.
    5. The Terrifics #2 by Jeff Lemire, Jose Luis, Jordi Tarragona, Vicente Cifuentes and Ivan Reis.
    6. Saga #50 by Bryan K Vaughan and Fiona Staples.
    7. The Flash #43 by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico.
    8. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 by Kyle Higgins, Ryan Ferrier, Daniele Di Nicuolo and Bachan.
    9. Daredevil #600 by Charles Soule, Christos Gage, Ron Garney and Mike Perkins
    10. Old Man Logan #37 by Ed Brisson and Dalibor Talajic

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It was a bit of a slaughter this week, as DC mowed down all challengers except SAGA #50 (#3). Marvel had 3 books at the bottom of the list– they didn’t drop in sales, you just can’t compete with Doomsday Clock, Metal and Terrifics all dropping at once. May is going to be very very interesting with the new Marvel books coming up against Justice League No Justice, Batman’s wedding and more. What a fun time to be into comics! I hope the fans agree.


It was a great week for over-sized, higher priced books at FFF with the new Doomsday Clock and Metal both dropping this Wednesday as well as Marvel’s latest Milestone Daredevil #600. Overall, DC had its best week in a while at our store taking six spots in our Top Ten weekly bestsellers. Metal finished strong despite its delays and if the newest Doomsday Clock hadn’t also come out, Metal’s final chapter definitely would’ve taken the top spot. Both books also individually sold over twice the amount of our third bestseller, Detective Comics.

While Marvel performed better in the back half of the Top Twenty, Avengers is still selling strong as it inches closer and closer to the end of its weekly assault on unsuspecting wallets. Daredevil also made a surprise appearance at the very end of our Top Ten which can almost certainly be attributed to its anniversary issue.Next month I’m sure we’ll find it in the lower half of the Top Twenty again.

On the indie side of the things, Donny Cates had a great week at our store with Redneck falling just shy of our Top Ten and Babyteeth #9 still selling strong enough to outsell several other new books in its second week! In our Top Ten, Saga sold surprisingly not as well as it usually does, though it did still land in the middle of the Ten. The surprise of the week was definitely Mighty Morphing Power Rangers which placed at #4 of our weekly top sellers. We sold out of the issue by Thursday AND we limited the number of copies we sold! This book definitely had some hype behind it. Hopefully, the rest of the issues in the crossover can hold up.


Three really strong titles came out this week–Doomsday Clock #4, Metal #6, and Saga #50. Saga is one of our bestselling titles, and any other week, it would almost automatically be first on our top 10 list, but I really, really thought it was going to be Doomsday Clock vs. Metal battling it out for bestseller this week, especially since there’s a lot of overlap in their audiences. But, while Doomsday Clock #4 was our clear bestseller, Saga still managed to edge out Metal for the #2 spot. It was close, though.


Big, big week for DC this week. With the climax of DARK NIGHTS METAL and the fourth instalment of DOOMSDAY CLOCK their sales dominance this week was essentially a foregone conclusion. DC -and specifically Batman- also performed well throughout the list, with TERRIFICS, WONDER WOMAN, and the MERA miniseries all showing up as strong sellers.

The one that caught us a bit off-guard this week was the level of interest in the current Power Rangers event. MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS #25, even with an increase in our orders, sold out pretty much instantly.


Good sales week. DC’s four titles on the list outsold the remaining six by a fair margin. Doomsday Clock beats out Metal for #1. Of DC’s New Age of Heroes, The Terrifics is the only book worth mentioning sales wise. The others are bad. Like, real bad. But Terrifics is doing great beating Avengers and Detective for the third spot on the list. With a week of heavy hitters Saga only makes it to #6 and milestone 600th issue puts Daredevil back on the list for the first time in a great while. Rest of our list is typical long-box filler.


What a week. Doomsday Clock took the top spot with Dark Metal taking second. Boom’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issue 25 took third. It beat out every Marvel title and made us a good amount of money. Wish I had ordered more. Has there even been any non Star Wars titles for Marvel that have made it to issue 25 over the last five years? Daredevil 600 blew chunks for us oddly enough. Terrifics is holding up the best out of the New Age of Heroes from DC so far. Yes, none of them on the team are new heroes.


An amazing week for DC! Their first-place book, Doomsday Clock #4, and their second place book, Dark Nights: Metal #6, sold more copies than #s 3-10 combined! DC took eight of our store’s top ten slots this week, with Marvel and Image taking one spot each. Marvel had another five books in position 11-20, while DC had four and Boom had one. No matter how you break it down, it was an amazing win for DC.

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