Marvel Ch-Ch-Changes – Lee M. Ferguson on Legion, Marco Lorenzana on Hulk and Price Drops

Posted by March 30, 2018 Comment

A few Marvel Comics changes, ‘twixt solicitation and publication.

Legion #4 will be drawn by Lee M. Ferguson, instead of the previously solicited Wilfredo Torres.

Incredible Hulk #716 will be drawn by Marco Lorenzana, instead of the previously solicited Carlo Barberi.

And when it comes to prices, last week Marvel told retailers that the Fantastic Four: Behold Galactus hardcover had jumped from $50 to $75. Well, now, it has jumped back from $75 to $50. What’s $25 between fantastic friends?

On that note, Venom #3 will not be $3.99, not the solicited $4.99.

And Spider-Gwen Vol 3 HC will now be $34.99 instead of the previously solicited price of $39.99.

(Last Updated March 30, 2018 7:38 am )

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